This FAQ page is designed to address general questions about MBWhatsApp and Fouad iOS that our users may have. Kindly read it.

What is MB WhatsApp?

MBWhatsApp iOS is a popular WhatsApp Mod which allows users to enjoy the iOS experience on Android devices for free. It comes with com.mbwa package name which is aimed at running dual accounts on the same Android device with the help of the Fouad iOS app.

How can I backup my chats?

Go to the app settings >> MB Preferences >> Universal >> Backup and Restore.

Is MBWhatsApp safe to use?

Yes. It is safe to use MBWhatsApp without any doubt. The developer Stefano YG is a well-known personality, and It is based on Fouad WhatsApp. Also, Yousef Al-Basha (YoWa) dev is also a team member of this project.

What is Fouad iOS?

Fouad iOS is also developed by Stefano YG [MBMods]. However, it comes with com.wa package name which is the same package name as official WhatsApp. So, it won’t install when you have the official one installed. Fouad iOS helps you to run dual accounts with all MB Mods features.

Who is the developer of MBWA?

Stefano YG is the lead developer, and he manages the MB Mods team.

How to update MBWhatsApp?

First, download the updated APK file from this page and install it on top of the old app.

How to transfer chats from WhatsApp to MBWA iOS?

How to Unhide the Chats?

Just long tap on the chat in the hidden chats page and then select the 3-dots menu. Here you find Unhide option.

How to Hide the Chats?

Just long tap on the chat on the Home page and then select the 3-dots menu. Here you find the Hide option.

How to access hidden chats?

Simple, Just Tap on the Chats word at the top of the app on the normal Chats page.

How to unlock MBWhatsApp if I forget the Lock?

Not possible. So, We recommend adding Security questions while setting up WhatsApp Lock.

How to fix late messages?

All you have to do is Disable Hide Second Tick option.

How to fix message delays?

Just tap on the More option on the Chats page and then swipe the options from right to left. Here you can see the Fix Message option. Just tap on it to revert all privacy settings.

How to get notifications of my Hidden chat messages?

Tap on the Gear Icon on the Hidden Chats page; there, you can select notification type.

Does Aeroplane Mode on MBWhatsApp cut internet connection?

Yes, It does cut the internet connection to MBWhatsApp only but not the whole smartphone.

Does Message Scheduler send messages to Multiple persons?

Yes, It does send messages to multiple persons. All you have to do is select the contacts that you would want.

How can I use dual WhatsApp accounts with MB WhatsApp?

Install MBWhatsApp and then log in with your primary number. And then install the original WhatsApp or Fouad iOS or Fouad WhatsApp to log in with a secondary number.

How to Load themes from third-party telegram channels?

First, download the .XML file from them. Go to settings >> MB Preferences >> Themes >> Tap on + icon >> load theme >> select the .XML file. Restart.

What are the Recommended Telegram Channels for MBWhatsApp and Fouad IOS?

This is the only recommended telegram channel for our apps – ◉WhatsAppChannelThemes◉

How to use Google Translate aka GTranslate?

First Install Googe Translate from Playstore and then go to MBWA Settings >> MB Preferences >> Other settings >> FMMods >> Translation Option Settings

How to Switch Theme?

Tap More which is at the top left corner of the Chats page and then swipe the options from right to left. Now, you can see the Change theme option in Dark/White mode.

Does WhatsApp ban my account?

Yes or No. We recommend you use privacy settings limitedly. Anyway, both MBWhatsApp and Fouad iOS have Anti-Ban measures.

How to Donate to MB Mods?

Just purchase the MB Donate app from the Google Playstore or go to our donate page.

Do MB Mods collect your data?

No. MBMods does not collect or access any user data. We don’t have access to any conversations images, videos and statuses. Everything is protected by official WhatsApp end-to-end encryption.

Why MBWhatsApp flagged as Virus sometimes?

About some virus alerts, these are false positives, it is due to app protection to prevent third-party edits, MB Mods have no intention to harm your WhatsApp or your device. MBWA iOS or Fouad iOS is completely free, so you never have to pay (MBVIP is a paid plugin for direct updates as developer support), also don’t buy or install any third-party modifications of Fouad iOS and MBWA iOS. MBMods only consists of a single developer, So no one else has access to the project.

What is the Official MB Mods Telegram Channel/Group?

Official Telegram Channel and Group – Stefano YG maintains these.

How to report bugs of MBWA iOS and Fouad iOS?

Use Telegram Bot to report bugs in both of our apps.